Proven experience of our certified specialists in the field of information security incidents investigation allows us to evaluate applications security level of any complexity.

Depending on the situation there can be chosen a static, dynamic or hybrid type of the source code analysis.

Wide experience of our employees allows discovering hidden threats before they have devastating effects.

Due to the analysis of the web application source code, they will find vulnerabilities which are impossible to be discovered in the scope of the penetration test.

Possible vulnerabilities


It is extremely important to perform applications security audit in the source cades as it contributes to early detection of threats related to the presence of potential vulnerabilities.

Code defects, logical and configuration errors

Bookmarks and functional features incorporated by the manufacturer and resulting in the information disclosure

Insecure constructions resulting in unauthorized access to the information (buffer overflow, format string, web applications vulnerabilities and etc.)

Hidden or insecure channels of information transferring