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Credential security monitoring

On average, vulnerabilities in a company’s information system are detected within 206 days. During this time, criminals can steal all important information. Monitoring of personal data leakage will help to avoid such a situation

Checking for information leakage helps to prevent and detect possible loss of insider information about the company. Practical methods and tools are used for this purpose. These include monitoring of IS events, personal data vulnerabilities, analysis of errors in the functioning of the information system, the use of special security technologies and devices

Reasons for leaks of insider information

  • external. Leakage of personal information is carried out through the actions of persons who are not employees of the company. They carry out hacker attacks, gain illegal physical access to servers and use various viruses and bots
  • internal. There is a loss of personal data due to irresponsibility or incompetence of employees, as well as due to their malicious intent


Ways to leak personal data

  • internet network. A large number of different channels are used for this purpose. The degree of their camouflage and effectiveness depends on the experience of the cybercriminal
  • physically. These include flash drives, laptops and external hard drives


There are several ways to detect a leak, one of which is to search for lost personal data in the DarkNet using  FS MNG

Check the company's data in DarkNet

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Advantages of FS MNG

Continuous monitoring of personal data security makes it possible to act in advance and assess the degree of threat to the company, whether data leakage or malware

Personal data is one of the most valuable resources of any business. They include personal information about the company’s employees, various technologies, drawings, strategies and reports. To protect this resource, data leakage must be monitored

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Continuous data update
Continuous data update

Data is added to the database as it is detected in DarkNet. Real-time monitoring of specific emails for compromising

Ease of use and integration
Ease of use and integration

Data is provided through an API or web interface

Messages and support
Messages and support

Flexible system for setting up notifications, consultations with competent specialists of FS Group

Related products and services

Simulator of sending phishing emails in order to understand the probability of a successful phishing attack on the company and plan activities to increase the level of education of employees to counter phishing attacks

• Integration within the corporate network
• Development of phishing pages for your requirements
• User texts in emails
• Setting up the system for a mail server


WEB-solution that helps to verify employees and contractors on data from open and closed sources, as well as with Big Data FS Group

You get access to unique data, make it easier for employees of different departments, for example:

• purchasers
• HR
• compliance officers
• lawyers
• financiers

and among other things - you get a centralization and a single point of entry of data, which can work with different departments of the organization


Package of services for investigation, analysis and investigation of information security incidents

The minimum package includes:
• consulting with experts
• investigation of the IS incident
• comprehensive forensic examination of digital evidence
• reports on individuals / legal entities from open and closed sources
• a monthly newsletter with information about vulnerabilities actively used by hackers and recommendations for increasing the level of protection
• penetration testing
• scanning web applications and resources


Software product for detecting compromised accounts of the organization in open and closed sources

Thanks to FS MNG you can:

• identify compromised accounts, including when compromising third party resources
• prevent data leakage
• protect against the use of compromised passwords
• be informed about the leaks before it is widely covered in the media


A software product that contains a list of anonymized IP addresses in the TOR, PROXY & VPN categories sold in public and in DarkNet. Allows you to identify anomalies in network traffic, application traffic and can be used in various ways

• Proactive approach to TI collection
• More information for decision making
• Earlier provision of data and thus prevention of attack
• Compatibility with most vendors' solutions
• Complementarity with other feeds


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