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Causes of data leaks and possible situations. How to protect yourself? How often do we think about what information footprint we leave in the digital space, what data potential hackers and criminals may have in the public domain After all, it is one thing to share information in a private conversation, and another – when it comes to online correspondence, telephone or online rallies, registration on […] Read more
FS Group conducted testing for penetration of the application “Дiя 2.0” Ukrainian company FS Group conducted vulnerability scanning and penetration testing of the mobile application of online government services “Дiя 2.0”, the company’s press service said on Tuesday. “Providing online access to electronic services, the project is critical for the state. Penetration testing is an important step that ensures the systematic and uninterrupted operation of electronic […] Read more
Common Cybersecurity Problems

About 70% of Internet attacks are carried out using vulnerabilities in the company's computer network


Compromised accounts and hosts, leakage of customer's and employee's data is a serious risk which can result in both direct financial losses and reputational and other non-financial


Most businesses do not have Business Continuity (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DRP) plans

  • Phishing prevention (Phishing simulation)

  • Penetration testing

  • Business credentials monitoring

  • Threat intelligence

  • Security audit

  • Information security incident response

  • Compromised accounts monitoring

  • Computer crime investigations

Success cases
Anti-phishing solution for the bank
Investigation of a cyber attack on a telecommunications provider
Spam attack on a manufacturing company
Will solve your problem with
A software product that contains a list of anonymized IP addresses in the TOR, PROXY & VPN categories sold in public and in DarkNet. Allows you to identify anomalies in network traffic, application traffic and can be used in various ways

• Proactive approach to TI collection
• More information for decision making
• Earlier provision of data and thus prevention of attack
• Compatibility with most vendors' solutions
• Complementarity with other feeds
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Detect compromised accounts in both open and private sources

With FS MNG you can:

• identify compromised accounts, including when compromising third party resources
• prevent data leakage
• protect against the use of compromised passwords
• be informed about the leaks before it is widely covered in the media
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WEB-solution that helps to verify employees and contractors on data from open and closed sources, as well as with Big Data FS Group

You get access to unique data, make it easier for employees of different departments, for example:

• purchaser
• HR
• compliance officers
• lawyers
• financiers

and among other things - you get centralization and a single point of entry of data, which can work with different departments of the organization
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Simulator of sending phishing emails in order to understand the probability of a successful phishing attack on the company and plan activities to increase the level of education of employees to counter phishing attacks

• Integration within the corporate network
• Development of phishing pages for your requirements
• User texts in emails
• Setting up the system for a mail server
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Package of services for investigation, analysis and investigation of information security incidents

The minimum package includes:

• consulting with experts
• investigation of the IS incident
• comprehensive forensic examination of digital evidence
• reports on individuals / legal entities from open and closed sources
• a monthly newsletter with information about vulnerabilities actively used by hackers and recommendations for increasing the level of protection
• penetration testing
• scanning web applications and resources
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    On average, each employee has more than 10 years of experience in the field of information security, which allows FS GROUP to effectively solve problems related to the niche

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    FS GROUP has passed a thorough quality inspection while working with international companies

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    We develop our own products and services through careful study of the needs and pains of customers, as well as the availability of experienced professionals

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      Ensuring the company’s computer and information security is one of the most important tasks facing every entrepreneur. In the field of cybersecurity, the protection of human data and funds is a priority

      FS Group is a Ukrainian vendor in the field of cybersecurity. We investigate cyber attacks, monitor vulnerabilities, provide protection against cyber threats and eliminate the consequences of hackers. FS Group was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Odessa


      Network security and cybersecurity of companies in general are important factors in the InfoISecurity of every company

      We value our reputation, so each of our clients can be confident in the high quality of cybersecurity services

      We provide cybersecurity services to businesses in Europe, America and Asia. These include organizations with integrated IT infrastructure, including software development companies, critical infrastructure, banks and others

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