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FS Group participated in the GDPR Summit Ukraine 2021 Kyiv, October 11, 2021 — FS Group participated in the GDPR Summit Ukraine 2021, which took place on October 7 in the UBI Conference Hall. The summit was organized for the third time by the Ukrainian Interbank Association of Members of Payment Systems EMA and FinTech magazine PaySpace with the support of FS Group. FS […] Read more
FS Group conducted testing for penetration of the application “Дiя 2.0” Ukrainian company FS Group conducted vulnerability scanning and penetration testing of the mobile application of online government services “Дiя 2.0”, the company’s press service said on Tuesday. “Providing online access to electronic services, the project is critical for the state. Penetration testing is an important step that ensures the systematic and uninterrupted operation of electronic […] Read more
Common Cybersecurity Problems

More than 70% of Internet attacks are caused by vulnerabilities in the company's computer network.


Data leaks of customers and employees and credential stuffing lead to financial, reputational and other risks for the company.


Planning of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is mostly absent in the majority of companies.

Areas of activity
Success cases
Anti-phishing solution for the bank
Investigation of a cyber attack on a telecommunications provider
Spam attack on a manufacturing company
Products and services to help you:
A software product that contains a unique database of anonymized IP addresses in the TOR, PROXY & VPN categories. FS TI allows you to identify anomalies in network traffic and application traffic, and also applies to other client needs related to IP address analysis.

• Proactive approach to TI collection
• Additional information for decision-making
• Rapid retrieval of data that prevents attacks
• Compatibility with other vendors’ products
• Complementarity with various feeds
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The product monitors the organization's compromised accounts in various sources of information, which helps in preventing data leakage risks.

With FS MNG, you can:
• identify compromised accounts
• prevent data leakage
• prevent the use of compromised passwords
• fast identify internal data leaks
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WEB-solution that helps to verify employees and contractors on data from various sources of information and a unique FS Group's database.

OSINT LAB collects information from a variety of sources in one place. The product can be useful to a variety of employee groups, including:

• Procurement specialists
• HR specialists
• Compliance specialists
• Lawyers
• Financiers

In addition, the advantage of OSINT LAB is a user-friendly interface that centrally collects and displays all requested data.
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The product creates phishing mailings simulations for practical information security training of personnel and counteraction to phishing attacks, as well as understanding the probability of a successful attack on the organization.

Advantages of FS PHISHING:
• Integration into the corporate network of your organization
• Individual development of phishing pages according to client's requirements
• A system administrator can customize the text of phishing emails for users
• Configuring the system based on your mail server
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The incident response team (IRT) is a package of services for the investigation, analysis, and investigation of information security incidents.

The basic package includes:
• consulting with experts
• information security incident investigation
• comprehensive forensic examination of digital evidence
• search for information on individuals/legal entities from various sources of information
• a monthly newsletter with up-to-date information on new types of attacks, vulnerabilities, and recommendations to increase the level of the organization's protection
• penetration testing
• scanning web applications and resources for vulnerabilities
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    Advantages of cooperation with FS Group


    The experience of each employee in the field of cybersecurity is more than 10 years. This assures efficient handling of the assigned tasks and the providing of quality customer services.

    High level of service

    We are trusted by representatives of government agencies and large Ukrainian and foreign businesses.

    Own developments

    Our specialists deeply understand the pain and expectations of companies, so when developing products and services, we aim to maximize the satisfaction of customers' needs.

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      3 reasons to order information security services in our company

      ✓ Qualified staff. Our personnel consist of  high-quality IT experts

      ✓ We provide top standard service

      ✓ Over 8 years of experience in the industry

      Ensuring the company’s computer and information security becomes one of the most important activities that every entrepreneur faces. The protection of personal data and funds is a priority in the area of cybersecurity.

      FS Group is a vendor of information security products, a key player in the Threat Intelligence market of Ukraine, a niche player in the global Infosecurity ecosystem. We provide clients with the opportunity to proactively control current cyberthreats using a unique database, analysis of potential threats, and hacking activity.

      We are focused on our reputation, so each of our clients can be confident in high-quality cybersecurity service. Our clients are the largest companies and the most popular organizations in Ukraine, Europe, the United States, and Asia. Among them, organizations with integrated IT infrastructure, including software development companies, critical infrastructure facilities, banks, and more.

      Our products and services could be the key solution for strengthening the company’s information security. Data protection is a priority in the field of cybersecurity, as the disclosure of a company’s confidential information may result in reputational and financial losses, a shutdown of processes, and so on. FS Group’s team of high-quality experts monitors our clients’ vulnerabilities in order to eliminate them and thus prevent cyber incidents. This ensures business continuity and reduces the risk of cyberattacks on companies.

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