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27 November 2021
Reliable information security systems are the key to a successful business

“Who owns the information owns the world” – this postulate is becoming more and more relevant. Automation and the ubiquitous use of IT technologies have completely changed the principles of market competition.

Therefore, for any company, the organization of an effective information security system comes to the fore. For business, both large and small, this is the key to success and stable development.

An information security system include measures aimed to protect an enterprise’s information from external and internal threats, prevent data leakage and unauthorized entry/interference into the company’s information system.

The main tasks of the information security system

  • Protection against external intrusion;

  • Prevention of internal sabotage;

  • Keeping the information system in progress;

  • Minimization of losses in case of failure, force majeure, hacker attack, etc.

Information security equipment and processes that require maximum attention

The greatest number of leaks and unauthorized access to information is associated with the human factor. This can be corporate theft, printing confidential data or sending it via mail, messages, uploading to a third party “cloud”, etc. And also the declassification of passwords, the peculiarities of the information system, vulnerabilities and flaws.

To solve this problem, full cooperation between the Cybersecurity and Ordinary Security Department is required.

The second “weak point” is electronic equipment. Outdated models of computers, stations, network devices do not provide an opportunity to install new software and security systems, which “opens the doors wide” for intruders.

Therefore, interception and unauthorized connection becomes only a matter of time.

As for the software, it must be up-to-date, licensed and properly installed to function effectively. To avoid data loss/damage, its correct use, regular cleaning of obsolete files and accumulated errors is necessary.

Outdated software is the first enemy for information security systems, since it is not capable of resisting advanced interception, decryption and copying programs, i.e. does not provide protection against phishing.

Reliable information security systems

Organization of an information security system: criteria for expediency and effectiveness

To get the best result, it is recommended to implement a full range of protective measures:

  • familiarization of employees with the legal framework related to cybercrimes;
  • development of regulatory documents of the enterprise, signing of nondisclosure agreements, preservation of commercial secrets;
  • introduction of special rules when working with information system, personnel training;
  • use of modern equipment and special software;
  • creation of hardware and software, electronic, mechanical barriers to penetrate the information system and intercept data;
  • systematically invite specialists and conduct an audit of the information security of your business.

The feasibility/determination of the required level of the implemented information security depends on the amount of possible damage in the event of a failure, hacking or information leakage. This includes both financial and reputational losses, difficulties associated with violation of contracts and regulatory requirements. Therefore, it is possible to install general basic protection with increased security measures in certain departments.

To mitigate risks, it is recommended to introduce restriction of personnel access to the full information security base and its computing power, and to attract cybersecurity professionals to identify vulnerabilities, track errors and shortcomings.

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